onsdag den 18. januar 2017

Dead and dwarf !

Zombies....Now so mainstream that there is a tv-show and miniatures game for them. Oh yes...I have that game! Already started painting some of the zeds. Here are some progress pictures.

 Mantic games, the walking dead game

 Yeah....These 8 walkers hid beneath the cards! So they have not been undercoated yet!

And here the first 6 of them painted. I have tried to keep the zombies as in the comicbooks. Black and white. Yet painted their clothes as a nod to the tv-series to link them together.

MACROCOSM did a Kickstarter for some Dark dwarfes (One might even call them chaos dwarfs) and I got in on it. Well...They looked cool as Chris does a fantastic job on miniatures if you ask me. And prices are absolutely affordable. So here goes to yet another small army.

 Take care guys

onsdag den 11. januar 2017

Still alive !

First of all an apology to those of you that actually follow my blog. It has indeed been too long since I updated. I have not been sick, nor any in my family. But I have been busy. Mostly with work. Have this blog been missed by you guys?

 Here on my way to a heavy metal concert. It was awesome! Met up with some from my old "gang" but could not do the afterparty. I had work the next day.

There is a lot on my "to do" list. Zombies, skeletons, a terrain piece for ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH, Nagash (Lord of the undead) and here in the new year I actualy did something too.

I present to you...THE BONEWHEEL. Foremost in use as a scenario objective in Frostgrave but could easily be in other settings as well.

 It is a halloween decoration, well it was untill I got my hands on it!

 Wodden beads , string and bits from the bits box. And now we have tied up prisoners pleading not to be sacrificed! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

A solid base or it gets wobbly. Yes...It fell over a LOT! The wodden thing is something you use for knitting..Apparently...

And a bonus picture of my messy work area. This is actually pretty clean from what it use to look like. And some other projects too...


Take care out there.

mandag den 17. oktober 2016

Cheap terrain !

Welcome once again to my wasteland. Now then... My mind has been into Frostgrave for some time and I miss the post apocalypse universe a bit. And as I was sitting and thinking up ideas for underround terrain in Frostgrave... Well... It could be quite usefull in Post apoc games as well.

The above photo is from WWII and shows a bombed out part of a city. Much what I think a post apoc wil look like too. Sure there will be some buildings that are mostly intact, but some parts will not. 

White foam (correct name in english has escaped me. not quite isolation foam) A foam cutter, paint and a girlfriend willing to help out. This really did not take any time and was dirt cheap. I already had the foam.

 Alot of the paint on this is Lone, my girlfriend who did this. I was the cutter and master builder.

  The mat is fantastic! And you can get it from URBANMATZ  
Mousemat material which is water repellant. I like it a lot, also the clatter of dice is much more quite. Check them out as they have mats in sizes from 3x3 to 4x6. Plus a LOAD of designs!

I will likely use it in Frostgrave too, but you can be sure these ruins will see action in games of ACROSS THE DEAD EARTH . Many of the miniatures in the folowing pictures are from that game. Fast paced and fun, easy to learn game.

 The last 2 miniatures seen here are from EM4 miniatures. I would use a lot more scatter terrain if it were a real game. This has just been set up in under 5 minutes to show it of. And that is the beauty of it. Scatter terrain in a box. Mat rolls up nicely and the ruins packs quite nicely flat in a box. Minimal storage.

Go for it yourself. The gaming board looks sooo much better with some terrain on it. Not just a Mountain Dew can as a watchtower and 2 books as a hill. And paint your miniatures...They fight better (mostly). Which reminds me...I have 2 gangs from Across the dead earth which I have yet to paint.... Whoops....

Take care out there

tirsdag den 4. oktober 2016

Winners and update

There were a lot of great names for the battle snail! And I do hope that some of you backed the project to get hold of one yourself? I had a hard time trying to decide...So I did not. I asked Lone (My beautifull girlfriend) to pick 2 she found funny.

Carl Packham and his Snailey McSlimetrail
Ian Riley and his trusty Shelly the Slug.

Congratulations guys. Get in touch via lordsiwoc@gmail.com to get your prize.
And the rest of you go check out WASTEMAN to get hold of some awesome miniatures too!

 This is Vera, our 10 year old pug. Loving and sweet. She was in surgery last week. A smal puncture in her right eye. And she had her eye sewn shut. We are going to the vets later today to get the stitches out and hopefully check that everything is okay.

 My computer is really acting up. Not sure if it "just" needs a good cleaning of the insides or it is turning into a zombie. But it is the main reason that I could not post this on Sunday.

søndag den 25. september 2016

Want to win some miniatures?

Jason from THUNDERCHILD MINIATURES are doing a kickstarter right now. With freaking battlesnails!!! Awesome? Yes!!! Take a look at this link BATTLE SNAILS and you will find some of these:

I foresee these being used in Kings of war too! Simply amazing! Now then..The Kickstarter runs for 1 week, is funded already, miniatures made (just need to be put into production) and stretch loads are being smashed left, right and center! Go have your piece of this!

As for the free miniatures, as you will have seen in the first picture, some of Jason`s WASTEMAN miniatures. And 2 of you guys will be able to win! Top row or bottom row. All you have to do is comment here below with an answer to: WHAT WOULD YOU NAME YOUR PET BATTLESNAIL AND WHY?

Winners to be picked Sunday October the 2. and announced here on the blog.

Now go and pledge for the battlesnails!!

mandag den 5. september 2016

Trouble in Z town

Just like all we painters have tasted paintwater, or cleaned our brush in a cup of coffee. Sigh... Though with my current set up it has really helped!

Using my tablet more and more as my pc is breathing its last I fear. Also the reason why my blogposts have been erratic. Sorry about that guys/gals/stalkers. I have some stuff to sort through and show you. In this post my Frostgrave warband has been updated. In the coming blogposts I intend to give of some survival tips from days gone by. And a competition where you can win miniatures from WASTEMAN .

Top left 2x thieves, marksman, tracker, aprentice, 2x minor demons. Next row, major demon, barbarian, treasure hunter, infantry man, dog and 2 imps. 4 treasure tokens and at the front my summoner. He is currently level 6.

As mentioned there will be a competition soon from Wasteman/Thunderchild miniatures. Kindly donated by Jason who i the madman behind Thunderchild. Watch this space!
 And now I wish to show you the main reason that I do not get much painting done, well besides work, sleeping and that stuff.....

 Take care out there in the real world

søndag den 21. august 2016

Ak ak aak! (And I won a competition)

I got hold of a really good deal on the game MARS ATTACK  by Mantic games. The core set, neopren mat and some expansions. Well...What more was there to say but AK AK AAAK AK!

 Got it Friday evening. Meant to paint it Saturday evening. Denied! I have 3 good brushes, and some busted up ones. All 3 decided to quit on me at the same time! DAMMIT! So no speedpainting...

That would not stop us the slightest from getting a game on. Lone is not a gamer, but this could be one that she would try.

 And it was fun! Now I just need to get it painted. I am thinking I actually have some city debris in my boxes from my poast apoc collection. Should fit in nicely. Ready for the next games! (First game she beat my ass! Second game I got revenge. So we are tied now.)

 I won a competition on Facebook! Woohoo! And this was my price, a cool miniature from Code Orange Games. Cheers guys. This wil get some attention as I get hold of new brushes!